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Key Features

  • Quick and easy e-mail notifications
  • Clients are notified automatically and minutes after SWIFT sends the acknowledgement message
  • Operator assistance required only for entering client's e-mail address for the first time
  • E-mail can be resend easily, even for acknowledgments several months old, to the same or different e-mail address
  • Acknowledgments are sent as PDFs, protected for modification
  • Compliant with latest SWIFT standards

SWIFT server (SWIFT Alliance, Turbo SWIFT, MERVA etc.) leaves acknowledgment files in a specific folder. Module for automatic importing of SWIFT files reads these files and validates their format. If the message is in the correct format the software analyses the content of the message.
For outgoing MT103, sofware is usually configured to finds the ordering customer field. For incomming MT103, it will be configured to search for the beneficiary customer field. if necessary adds a new client to the database, and creates e-mail message that will be sent to the client.
Module for automatic e-mail processing checks for ready-to-send e-mail messages, sends them using embedded e-mail client, and archives messages after successfully sending them.
Each e-mail message will have a copy of a SWIFT message sent as attachment file. This file can be of two different formats:

  • PDF format
  • ASCII textual format
PDF files are protected from modification

The difference between these two formats is that PDF file represents a formed and ready-to-print document, while ASCII textual file needs to be opened by word processing application (MS Word, WordPad, Notepad) and then printed. Consequently, PDF file cannot be changed but only printed, while ASCII file can be modified prior to printing. It is recommended to use PDF format whenever possible.